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    • Simple to use system – Simple easy to use system for both vendors and brides.
    • Expanded areas/territory – We have our provinces set up by area vs. city to give both brides and vendors a more expansive search parameters who travel abroad.
    • Supported system for Vendors – Our system is supported to ensure that our vendors and brides may reach out to us via phone or email.
    • Guest Vendor Blogging – Speak out to brides on your area of expertise by being a guest blogger.
    • Secured Spot on the List – Secure your spot on this list. This will stay yours for the duration of your package.
    • Lead System – Integrating new lead system that will guarantee a certain amount of leads per year.
    • Pricing – New integrated pricing system that will allow you to pay for your year in advance, or in installments. Please see our Vendor Packages on our site.


 Up & Coming for 2017

  • New comprehensive platform
  • Online Chat for brides to chat real time for participating vendors.
  • New rating app for your phone – Allows you to get ratings on Google, Yelp, other search engines, and Global Wedding Guide.
  • Launching the rest of Canada, US, and the UK in 2017.

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